For fast service popularization the best location would be in the area with high traffic, parking, preferably on the first floor with access from the street. Please note that clients are people with incomes above the average, respectively, the location has to be in a prestigious and popular center city area.

Experienced [ BREEZE } team will provide with step by step instructions on the opening stage as well as constantly provide recommendations on administration and management, and recruitment therefore there is no need to have prior experience in the industry.

According to the contract the royalty fee is 5%
For studio load of 50% ROI is 2,5 years. Investment for salon of 2 aquabike machines and 3 aesthetic machines (2 rooms) varies from 75k to 90k Eur
Treatments add value to the main service – aquabike. Body treatments are times more efficient after the aquabike training, which is a physiological process. The average additional area needed is 10-12 m2. In the places with very high rent, light version (only aquabikes) is a better choice.

Specialist of [ BREEZE } are ready to advise and prepare necessary documents for debt financing.

[ BREEZE } team will be in charge of creating a design for a specific area, will create a 3D graphics including furniture tech plans.