The start-up package

  • Financial plan

    Drawing up and approval of a preliminary financhial plan

  • Premises

    Together with a partner company searches and approves the premises for a studio

  • Construction estimates

    Drawing up and approval of the project and cost estimates for capital expenditures

  • Business plan

    Approval for a final business plan

  • Realization

    Control over the preparation for
    the opening

  • PR plan

    Creation of the PR plan for launch and further mainenance

  • Launch

    Launching and establishing

  • Reporting

    Establishing reporting system and productivity indicators

Our support for

Aquabike & Vitality SPA franchize

Development stage

- Assistance in choosing the location
- Design project and 3D visualization with furtinure
- Assistance / recommendations to avoid many mistakes


- Discount for aquabike purchase 5%
- Available estimates for the production of furniture
- Maintenance contract for the equipment with a partner company.


- Development of a preliminary financial plan for the project
- Advise of fundraising
- Preparation and monitoring of the financial plan of operating


- The team prepares print marketing materials (brochures, etc.).
- Partner receives market analysis of potential customers
- Recommendations of tarif plans and pricing policies


- Partner receives the right to use the logo and the brand
- The information about the new studio is added on the international webpage
- Access to the accounting system / booking


Purchases of products (teas, cosmetics) in a certain range of suppliers at a discount (or by agreement)


- Duties and staff incentives
- The team is involved in finding and hiring employees
- Training of employees in the pilot center
[ B R E E Z E } in Riga

Numbers and conditions

Investment is equipment for 2 aquabikes (transportation included)
33,600 EUR
Installation, training, consultation for approved partners for aesthetics equipment
3,000 EUR
Refurbishment and design
15,000 - 25,000 EUR
Investment in working capital (cosmetics 3-5 months)
10,000 EUR
Aesthetics equipment with shipping (Kuma Shape, Kriolipolysis, Endotherapy)
15,000 EUR
Franchising cost
5,000 EUR
80,600 - 90,200 EUR