[ B R E E Z E } it is

Cozy Lounge

[B R E E Z E} lounge is a place to relax, enjoy the bubbly atmosphere of the water wall and prepare yourself for the upcoming treatment. After the treatment, a good idea would be to have a minute and a glass of water, cup of tea or coffee, read a book about spa rituals and decide on the next treatment in [B R E E Z E} studio.

Face and body treatments

Our studio has a big variety of aesthetic, relaxing and therapeutic treatments for the body and face. We strongly believe that a beautiful body is a healthy body, this is why we combine treatments that improve health with those that emphasized a beautiful silhouette. All our staff is high-class specialists in aesthetics, massage, and spa area with many years of practice.

Double cabins

Aquabike session can be much more fun if you share it with your friend. We offer a solution for couples and friends to enjoy the session in a double cabin room that can easily be transformed to a single cabin for individual training.

Individual sessions

Aquabike is a very pleasant spa fitness training that combines underwater massage with biking and lymph drainage. You can choose whether you prefer the training with a virtual trainer on TV in front of you or prefer to choose yourself what to watch on TV while sporting.

Beauty Shop

Our beauty shop offers the most effective cosmetics for fighting cellulitis, forming and firming your body as well as relaxing. We know how important it is to maintain the result with home treatments and this is why our shop recommends many gadgets that improve skin elasticity and reduce cellulitis. Healthy additives and home cosmetics are also very popular items in our shop.

B R E E Z E - a new breath, new trend in the field of beauty and fitness. Every visit to the studio feels like a new breath of fresh, sea air.

[ }- different transcription brackets show how your body transforms and gains a beautiful silhouette once you become one of our clients.

Silova Elena

“While creating a company, we have carefully studied the offer in the global market and latest trends in fitness and health industries. The French have set a new rhythm, by introducing aquabike aquatic trainer, which we could use independently as well as create exclusive programs with their use. We have invited specialists (nutricionist on healthy eating, physical therapist, swimming coach, massage master, cosmetologist) to develop and test programs. Each of the experts added their unique knowledge, which helped to create special programs designed for weight loss and detox. Experts tested the aquabikes and confirmed their uniqueness and absence of contraindications. We consistently receive positive reviews and increased media interest. The company doesn’t stop to improve the service, constantly monitors new products and new trends on the market increasing customer loyalty "
Founder [ B R E E Z E } water movements